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Funds Flow Through the Financial System from Surplus...

Why do entities choose the type of investment or source of funds that they do? Are there any other choices? Do these other choices exist? Why do they exist? Funds may travel from surplus entities to deficit entities, but why does this happen, and how. Surplus entities choose the type of investment to financially benefit themselves, as do deficit entities, choose the best finance of funds available to them with the lowest penalty. Not always is this choice available. Most of the types of investment and finance available has strict conditions, this is why these entities choose what is available to them. These funds may flow through primary and secondary markets. The finance may be debt or equity. Who really knows the best decision for the†¦show more content†¦On the other hand for a Business looking to obtain funds (deficit entity), this may be done by issuing shares in the business. This way, the business does not have to source funds in the debt market but can source funds i nternally. Surplus entities (lenders) include households, companies, the government and the rest of the world. Deficit entities (borrowers) includes households, companies the government and the rest of the world. Funds usually go through the matching principle, which means a short-term asset should be met with a short-term liability. Another of the ways to source fund is through the Debt market. Examples of Debt Markets include: Treasury bonds, notes, corporate debentures, Commercial bills, Promissory notes, Bank products, Securitised assets, and International debt. The advantage for a surplus entity in investing in the debt market is security. Banks are the most secure investment. The down side of this is the lower return to receive from this investment compared to equity markets. Deficit entities find the debt market the best to obtain fund from, as seen in the RBA Bulletin, commercial banks hold more than 49.1% of the total assets of financial institutions. Down sides? Of course. Some of the downsides of obtaining funds through the debt market are the servicing of the debt i.e. the interest payable for the life of the loan. Also there are bankShow MoreRelatedProblems and Prospects of Capital Market in Bd3784 Words   |  16 PagesProspects of Capital Market In Bangladesh What is Capital Market? A capital market is a market for securities (debt or equity), where business enterprises (companies) and governments can raise long-term funds. It is defined as a market in which money is provided for periods longer than a year, as the raising of short-term funds takes place on other markets (e.g., the money market). The capital market includes the stock market (equity securities) and the bond market (debt). Financial regulators, suchRead MoreThe Nigerian Stock Market and Its Impact on the Economy9899 Words   |  40 Pagescreated from a multi-ethnic, socially and culturally diverse people, situated between the Equator and the tropic of cancer, its climate and vegetation can afford the growth of many tropical commodities such as cocoa, groundnuts, palm produce and rubber. Starting from a low technological base after political independence in 1960, the country embarked on the arduous task of building a state with one identity by integrating the different ethnicities and transforming the barter economy into financial exchangeRead MoreAnz Bank142091 Words   |  569 Pages ANZ ANNUAL REPORT 2014 ANZ IS EXECUTING A FOCUSED STRATEGY TO BUILD THE BEST CONNECTED, MOST RESPECTED BANK ACROSS THE ASIA PACIFIC REGION WHO WE ARE AND HOW WE OPERATE ANZ’s history of expansion and growth stretches over 175 years. We have a strong franchise in Retail, Commercial and Institutional banking in our home markets of Australia and New  Zealand and we have been operating in Asia Pacific for more than 30 years. Today, ANZ operates in 33 countries globally. We are the third largestRead MoreBangladesh Capital Market Problems Prospects10444 Words   |  42 PagesBangladesh Capital Market Problems amp; Prospects University of Dhaka Department of Finance A Report on Bangladesh Capital Market Problems amp; Prospects Course name: Financial Markets and Institutions Course code: F-304 Prepared For: Dr. A. A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury, Ph.D Professor amp; Chairman Department of Finance University of Dhaka Prepared By: Group No. 7 SL NO: | NAME | ID NO: | 01 | Md. Azhar Hossain | 16-053 | 02 | Md.Omar Faruk Bhuiyan | 16-085 | Read MoreComparative Analysis of Financial Performance of Public and Private Banks(Case Study)15686 Words   |  63 PagesCOMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE BANKS [IN THE CASE OF SELECTED PRIVATE AND PUBLIC BANKS] A SENIOR ESSAY SUBMITTED TO DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE, IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF BACHELOR OF ARTS DEGREE IN ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE. Prepared by: Ruth Alemayehu ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT, INFORMATICS AND ECONOMIC SCIENCE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION DEPARTMENT OF ACCOUNTINGRead MoreInstructor’s Manual Fundamentals of Financial Management60779 Words   |  244 PagesInstructor’s Manual Fundamentals of Financial Management twelfth edition James C. Van Horne John M. Wachowicz JR. ISBN 0 273 68514 7 ï £ © Pearson Education Limited 2005 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to photocopy the book as required.  © Pearson Education Limited 2005 Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the world Visit us on the World Wide Web at: www.pearsoned.co.uk Previous editions publishedRead MoreProfessional Misconduct58343 Words   |  234 Pagesauthorities etc. he can so appear only in his capacity as a C.A. (ii) Thus for period of suspension, he can’t practice as I.T. practitioner even if he is having law degree. (iii) Thus, a member of ICAI can’t have other capacity, separable from his capacity to practice as a member of the Institute. Section 7: A member in practice can’t use any other designation than that of a Chartered Accountant nor any other description whether in addition thereto or in substitution thereforeRead MoreCorporate Finance174197 Words   |  697 Pagesthe directors of the corporation, who in turn appoint the firm’s management. This separation of ownership from control in the corporate form of organization is what causes agency problems to exist. Management may act in its own or someone else’s best interests, rather than those of the shareholders. If such events occur, they may contradict the goal of maximizing the share price of the equity of the firm. Such organizations frequently pursue social or political missions, so many different goals areRead MoreFinancial Reporting Council: the Use of a Sector Neutral Framework for the Making of Australian Accounting Standards49538 Words   |  199 PagesFinancial Reporting Council: The Use of a Sector Neutral Framework for the Making of Austra lian Accounting Standards Introduction The Australian Financial Reporting Council (FRC) was established on 1 January 2000 under section 225 of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 19891 (ASIC Act) for the purpose of overseeing Australia’s accounting standard setting process. One of the key functions of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) is to provide broad oversight of the processesRead MoreAnnual Report Rolls-Royce78484 Words   |  314 PagesTeAmwork And Technology Rolls-Royce Group plc Annual report 2010 Trusted to deliver excellence BUSIneSS reVIew 01 Introduction and highlights 02 Chairman’s statement 04 Chief Executive’s review 08 Our consistent strategy 20 Market outlook 22 Key performance indicators 26 Principal risks and uncertainties 28 Review of operations 28 civil aerospace 30 defence aerospace 32 marine 34 energy 36 engineering and technology 38 operations 40 Services 42 Sustainability 48 Finance Director’s review

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Spirituality and Religion Essay - 2261 Words

Introduction on Religion Religion is an important aspect on studies of early mental health practice. Religion is important to as many as 75% of the population, more profound and relevant with people over 65 years of age and older (Richards and Bergin, 1997). Religion plays a pivotal role on older adults, it becomes part of their identity and personality (Koenig, Siegler George, 1989). According to Koenig (1989), religion incorporates people’s rituals, beliefs, and practices pertaining to the â€Å"transcendent.† Which means, these beliefs relates to the supernatural and mystical elements of the world (Koenig, Siegler George, 1989). Religion is always practiced within a community, group, or cult. Religion is often organized and it†¦show more content†¦You don’t have to follow guidelines, rules and regulations to live your life, the way you want to live it. Variations of Religion Study A thorough research study composed by Walker et al, within this study he followed a compare and contrast method with senior residents. The staff was comprised from different religious organizations and from 13 facilities, in which long-term care was provided. A survey was conducted with this researcher. The first group that Walker et al focused on was understanding religion from the Jewish perception. The Jewish residents all belonged to the same synagogue, in which the survey was conducted. The first task given was to identify 35 words that incorporates what Judaism personally means to each person. The five religious words that were repeated in the study were: Torah, heritage, social activism, Ten Commandments, and belief in one God. The Jewish residents defined spirituality as a deep connection with God. The five religious words that were repeated in the study for spirituality were: connection with God, appreciating other beliefs, understanding foundation of the afterlife, and medi tation (Walker et al. August Spirituality and the Elderly: Survey of Staff and Residents From Long-Term Care Facilities, 1998). The second group Walker et al focused on was Christianity with Christian residents all above the age of 65. These residents were told to come up withShow MoreRelatedReligion, Religion And Spirituality1545 Words   |  7 PagesFor many people, religion and spirituality plays a huge part of their life. In other people, religion and spirituality is not a part of their life at all. In gothic literature, religion and spirituality are usually either very present in a work, or not present at all. In some cases, the lack of religion and spirituality affect the outcome of the story. In other cases, the character’s immense beliefs in religion and spirituality can also drastically affect the outcome of the story. In the movie, TheRead MoreSpirituality Reflection On Religion And Spirituality Essay1353 Words   |  6 PagesSpirituality Reflection Religion and spirituality are two subjects that many are unable to make a differentiation between. Religion is an institutionalization created by man, while spirituality is an expression or belief that an individual is born with. I did not grow up in a religious household; however, my family has always had spirituality formed around love. I came to know God and his word at a very young age, but the Bible was never a topic that I could rationalize or understand as more thanRead MoreThe Issue Of Religion And Spirituality966 Words   |  4 PagesThis essay will research the issue whether religion and spirituality can positively affect health. It will explain the differences between religion and spirituality and will research the religion importance in human life as religion or spirituality have a lifestyle for many individuals. Historically religion and spirituality have been seen primitive. People have believed to higher powers as sun, water, air etc. Around the world there are different religions such as Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, ChristianityRead MoreWhy Religion And Spirituality?1160 Words   |  5 PagesTheme One: Why religion and spirituality? The first theme that I have identified as significant in my spiritual journey is ‘Why religion and spirituality?’ To me this theme encompasses and seeks to illuminate the burning desire that human beings have to find answers to questions that give meaning to their life. The main premise of Mackay’s book is about the people’s desire for a life of meaning, be that with, or without the traditional institutionalized idea of God. In the first chapter Mackay discussesRead MoreSpirituality and Religion Essay1149 Words   |  5 Pages307). One component of the Neuman Systems Model is spirituality, which is described as being related to beliefs and influences that are spiritual. It should be noted that this was absent in her initial conceptualization and was developed later (Meleis, 2007, p.307). While utilizing the Neuman framework for client assessment, religion is often applied as a spiritual factor. Using this theory as basis one might conclude that religio n and spirituality are synonymous in concept. This begs the question:Read MoreThe Theory Of Religion And Spirituality1481 Words   |  6 PagesA Gallup poll indicated that religion is a â€Å"very important† part of the lives of approximately 67% of the American public, of whom 96% believe in God and 42% attend religious services regularly (Powell, Shahabi, Thoresen, 2003). People join religious institutions and follow spiritual paths for a variety of reasons, such as faith, prayer, social support, cultural traditions, commitment to the community, and more. The role of religion in people’s lives is dramatic and research on the topic has mirroredRead MoreReligion And Spirituality And Its Influences903 Words   |  4 PagesReligion/Spirituality and its Influences Psychologists are professionals with a responsibility to provide the best care possible to the individuals that need their assistance. This is why it is mandatory to continue training and education, to remain current in the knowledge of treatment methods to ensure the optimal quality of services provided (Fisher, 2013). With that said, psychologists ponder whether religion and spirituality should be integrated into methods of therapy and if so, what typesRead MoreSpirituality, Religion And Schizophrenia Essay1398 Words   |  6 PagesSpirituality, Religion and schizophrenia Often psychiatrist treat patients with schizophrenia disorders who are religious or have some form of spirituality. The focus of the psychiatric care has been shifted from treating mental illness to caring for people who manage their own mental illness. Therefore, it is necessary to include an emphasis on the spirituality and religiousness of those with chronic mental illness and the role that it plays in their care. Spirituality and religiousness has beenRead MoreWhat Is Spirituality Or Religion?1265 Words   |  6 PagesWhat is spirituality? And is it only related to religion? It is hard to answer these questions as there are a lot of definitions of spirituality and what is it related to. For some people, spirituality has no meaning outside the circle of the religion. On the other hand, some people say that spirituality can exist inside the religion and also outside the religion. People should stop relating spirituality to only religion. Instead, people should know the true meaning of spirituality outsideRead MoreThe Existence Of Religion And Spirituality Essay1737 Words   |  7 Pageseventually morphed into the humans we are today, the world was also introduced to spirituality. Since the times humans first coexisted with others there was a form of belief and religion. The surprising fact is, religion and spirituality first took form in the shape and embodiment of a female. The Goddess was the first physical presentation of an otherworldly being and was in place for longer than we ve had our current religion. The surviving art documents and ideological evolution in human consciousness:

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Question: Discuss About The Configuration Process Are Many Obligations? Answer: Introducation In between making configuration process, there are many obligations for an engineer. These include characterizing issues, deciding, directing, and narrowing exploration. It also involves dissecting cases, financial, and breaking down arrangements. A lot of an engineer' time is spent on looking into, finding, applying, and exchanging information (Abdin, 2008). In a team, an engineer oversees different parts of the project, of different level of status and difficulty. His duties are to have a top to bottom specialized comprehension of the products. He is in charge of the welfare of the Engineering team; their expert advancement, improvement, training, and development; essential responsibility for the fulfillment of their employment. Under his part comes asset administration and execution administration. Further, it includes the following responsibilities:Examine the change in laborer's work and responsibility of assuring consistency with submitted work. It is an engineers role to analy ze and recommend changes to contracts and prepare any modifications if required in contract report (Bhatti and Ahsan, 2017). Inspect the work targets, and make sure that the team is achieving them in time. To coordinate, review and assess contract submissions. Review and process improvement for design and ensure they are as indicated by existing standards Manage and submit all assessed contract file to contract head for help underwriting. Provide help to increase executive and manage office planning. Perform tests and plan records for entire contract work. Ensure all essential works in consistency with contract reports (Craver, 2010).economics and natural resource issues have increased expanding conspicuousness in the last half part of the twentieth century and have continued in the start of the 21st century. Conceptually maintainability or sustainability is critical, yet theoretical. It is clarified as addressing the requirements of the present time without considering the capacity of future time to handle their issues (Craver, 2010). Developing infrastructures, around the globe, have put increasing strain on resources like air and water, land, and other natural materials. The concern the capacity of natural resources to help the requirements and needs of worldwide population, for present and future, is the rising concern which indic ates of the idea of supportability. The reason of sustainability through engineering is to preserve the natures asset. If this is not done then the consequences could be severe for the generations to come. One way by which sustainability can lead to a 'better' engineering solution is to increase the utilization of the solar energy more in the projects. By better it means to prevent the non-renewable energy resource from perishing (Friedman, 2007). There are ethical issues that confront engineers and engineering organizations when some crucial decisions are need to be taken while doing a project. Engineering research and practice require that the task being performed considers all the pros and cons of the results. An engineer is supposed to work for the betterment of the society but in some cases, ethical dilemma comes into presence. The ethical conflicts can be varying in different scenarios (Fuchs, 2012). In some projects where the process requires a massive use of natural resources as a part of the work, it becomes an issue for the engineer to stick to the success of the project or to focus on integrity. In the cases where the client wants to make software for the users and knowing it will not be beneficial, the engineers take a biased decision to work for the client. The best procedure to manage all the information is to use Engineering Information management tools and softwares. EIM solutions manage all the documents and designs and facilitate the process of multiple revision of the data for different types of data which results in providing the right information to the right person at right time. Engineering Information Management can be elaborated as the techniques, procedures, strategies, and reports which are used to test, examine, store, save, and distribute designing data and specialized records used in engineering projects. EIM instruments and processes allow the head of projects to assemble the unstructured data, wherever that data exists. Since creating data requires particular skills, EIM can be used as a tool to do it. EIM is also known as Engineering Data Management (EDM) or Engineering Content Management (ECM) (Harvey and Bertoldi, 2015). Today in any business or work it is essential to know how to communicate. Email being the most common way of interacting it is cardinal to know how to write professional emails. There are basic rules to follow while writing a professional email. Below it is shown the comparison between the writing style of a professional email and an unprofessional email. Sample Email with a professional approach As the part of the process, it is required for us to arrange a meeting for this past quarter with all the engineers working on the project AWC and AWR which were are main projects in the last quarter. The agenda of the meeting is to primarily discuss the work done till date and to listen to the suggestions from the team working on the projects. The difference between the two emails is evident. The first email is to the point yet polite in approach. The second email is unprofessional and sounds very rude to the reader (Leikums, 2013) References Abdin, J. (2008). The Barriers of Communication Guidance of Effective Communication.SSRN Electronic Journal. Bhatti, M. and Ahsan, A. (2017). Effective Communication among Globally Distributed business Development Teams.Journal of Global Information Management, 25(3), pp.40-62. Craver, C. (2010). Negotiation Ethics for Real World Interactions.SSRN Electronic Journal. Friedman, B. (2007). Globalization Implications for Human Resource Management Roles.Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 19(3), pp.157-171. Fuchs, W. (2012). The New Global Responsibilities of Engineers Create Challenges for Engineering Education.Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 6(1), pp.111-113. Harvey, G. and Bertoldi, W. (2015). Dynamic riverine landscapes: the role of ecosystem engineers.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 40(12), pp.1701-1704. Lathem, S., Neumann, M. and Hayden, N. (2011). The Socially Responsible Engineer: Assessing Student Attitudes of Roles and Responsibilities.Journal of Engineering Education, 100(3), pp.444-474. Leikums, T. (2013). Document Management System Mobility Main Trend in Future Document Management.International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering, pp.505-509.

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Looking Out For The State Of The Publics Satisfaction In The Es

Looking out for the state of the publics satisfaction in the scheme of capital sentencing does not constitute serving justice. Todays system of capital punishment is frought with inequalities and injustices. The commonly offered arguments for the death penalty are filled with holes. It was a deterrent. It removed killers. It was the ultimate punishment. It is biblical. It satisfied the publics need for retribution. It relieved the anguish of the victims family.(Grisham 120) Realistically, imposing the death penalty is expensive and time consuming. Retroactively, it has yet to be proven as a deterrent. Morally, it is a continuation of the cycle of violence and ...degrades all who are involved in its enforcement, as well as its victim.(Stewart 1) Perhaps the most frequent argument for capital punishment is that of deterrence. The prevailing thought is that imposition of the death penalty will act to dissuade other criminals from committing violent acts. Numerous studies have been created attempting to prove this belief; however, [a]ll the evidence taken together makes it hard to be confident that capital punishment deters more than long prison terms do.(Cavanagh 4) Going ever farther, Bryan Stevenson, the executive director of the Montgomery based Equal Justice Initiative, has stated that people are increasingly realizing that the more we resort to killing as a legitimate response to our frustration and anger with violence, the more violent our society becomesWe could execute all three thousand people on death row, and most people would not feel any safer tomorrow.(Frame 51) In addition, with the growing humanitarianism of modern society, the number of inmates actually put to death is substantially lower than 50 years ago. This decline creates a situation in which the death penalty ceases to be a deterrent when the populace begins to think that one can get away with a crime and go unpunished. Also, the less that the death sentence is used, the more it becomes unusual, thus coming in conflict with the eighth amendment. This is essentially a paradox, in which the less the death penalty is used, the less society can legally use it. The end result is a punishment that ceases to deter any crime at all. The key part of the death penalty is that it involves death -- something which is rather permanent for humans, due to the concept of mortality. This creates a major problem when there continue to be many instances of innocent people being sentenced to death.(Tabak 38) In our legal system, there exist numerous ways in which justice might be poorly served for a recipient of the death sentence. Foremost is in the handling of his own defense counsel. In the event that a defendant is without counsel, a lawyer will be provided. Attorneys appointed to represent indigent capital defendants frequently lack the qualities necessary to provide a competent defense and sometimes have exhibited such poor character that they have subsequently been disbarred.(Tabak 37). With payment caps or court determined sums of, for example, $5 an hour, there is not much incentive for a lawyer to spend a great deal of time representing a capital defendant. When you compare this to the prosecution, aided by the police, other law enforcement agencies, crime labs, state mental hospitals, various other scientific resources, prosecutors experienced in successfully handling capital cases, compulsory process, and grand juries(Tabak 37), the defense that the court appointed counsel can offer is puny. If, in fact, a defendant has a valid case to offer, what chance has he to offer it and have it properly recognized. Furthermore, why should he be punished for a misjustice that was created by the court itself when it appointed the incapable lawyer. Even if a defendant has proper legal counsel, there is still the matter of impartiality of judges. The Supreme Court has steadily reduced the availability of habeas corpus review of capital convictions, placing its confidence in the notion that state judges, who take the same oath of office as federal judges to uphold the Constitution, can be trusted to enforce it.(Bright 768) This makes for the biased trying of a defendants appeals, given the overwhelming pressure on elected state judges to heed, and perhaps even lead to, the popular cries for the death of criminal defendants.(Bright 769) Thirty two of the states that impose the death penalty also employ the popular election of judges, and several of these even have judges run with party affiliations. This creates a deeply political justice system -- the words alone are a paradox. Can society simply brush off mistaken execution as an incidental cost in the greater scheme of putting a criminal to death? Revenge is an unworthy

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Science - Earth and Volcanoes Outline essays

Science - Earth and Volcanoes Outline essays 1.| Earthquakes occur mostly at the boundaries of the tectonic plates A.| Earthquakes occur at the plate boundaries 1.| as the plates move, their edges experience immense pressure eventually the stress becomes so great that it breaks rock along the fault line. Energy released as seismic 2.| the point in the earth where an earthquake originates is called the focus, earthquake waves travel in all directions from the focus. 3.| the point on the surface immediately above the focus is called the epicenter, where the damage is usually the greatest. B.| Energy from the earthquakes is transferred by waves. 1.| the energy released by an earthquake is measured as shock waves; earthquakes generate three types of waves. 2.| Longitudinal waves move faster through rock than other waves do and are the first waves to reach recording station, longitudinal waves are also called P for 3.| the second type of wave is a transverse wave. Transverse waves move slower than longitudinal waves. These are known as S for secondary waves. C.| Waves move through earth along its surface 1.| Both P waves and S waves spread out from the focus in all directions, in contrast the third type of wave only moves across the earths surface, these 2.| the earths surface bends and reshapes as it shakes, the result a rolling motion. 3.| surface waves cause more destruction than other waves, because of the rolling A.| Seismologists detect and measure earthquakes 1.| Seismology is the study of earthquakes, they use sensitive machines called seismographs to record data about earthquakes and the waves. 2.| Records of seismic activity are called seismograms. ...

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Analysis of How to Tame a Wild Tongue

How to tame a wild tongue is an article by Gloria Anzar Dua. This article focuses on different types of Spanish speaking, in that case Anzaldua focuses on losing an accent to fit the environment she lives in. The problem applied in this article is that Spanish said that Spanish articles were divided into various parts and not fully considered. . How to tame the summary and analysis of the wild tongue reveals the experience of American poet, critic, novelist and essayist Gloria Anzarduwa. The way to tame the wild tongue is the book Borderlands / La Frontera published in 1987. This is one of the major works that she believes is an important person in Cicano literature. This book is largely divided into two parts. The first part consists of seven papers, the second part has several poems. Our focus is on how to tame the wild tongue. In general, Borderlands / La Frontera emphasizes her experience as a woman living in a border with various countries and cultures. A woman like herself is c alled Mixed Blood as it explains it in a book. How to adjust the summary and analysis of wild tongue will focus on the view of Gloria  · Anzardua's language and identity. In this article I will explain the people of Chicano living on the border between the United States and Mexico. It also makes it clear that the conquest of Europe has political, spiritual and socio-economic impacts on indigenous peoples in the border areas. Most people think that language and identity are synonyms of each other? How to familiarize yourself with wild tongue analysis reveals to us that this may not be the case. Ethnic identity should be the basis of self-validation. Regardless of the negative reaction of others to diversity, anyone can self-verify. For a long time, Gloria Anzaldua caused others to make a negative reaction to her identity, as Chicano influences her self esteem. A general argument about tying her wild tongue Gloria Anzardua in her work How to tame a wild tongue is that barbarous word s can not be tamed, but can only be truncated is. More specifically, she believes that each of the different accents causes serious confusion in the great culture. In this article, I write as follows. We squeeze each other, talking like a tikanos, trying to meet Chikano trying to become a real ticanos. Finally, Anzaldua's idea is that this separation led to an internal struggle between Spanish cultures. In our opinion, Anzaldua is correct as well. Because one culture is suppressed by another culture. More specifically, each accent in Spanish tries to transcend other accent to gain control. Some people may object to the fact that it is still just a language, but we believe that having different accent may lead to understanding problems. This argument is

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EMPLOYEE RELATIONS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS - Essay Example In such instances, intervention of trade unions is vital in that it encourages procedures to be put in place so as to create necessary and balanced relationship; thus promoting mutual understanding between the parties. A win-win situation is built between the parties thereby enabling them to have mutual understanding and better progress. A trade union is comprised of employees who need to have their interests organized and represented not only in the workplace but also in the society. The union ensures proper regulation of the employment relationship through collective bargaining with the management. Here, employers and employees share powers in conducting employment relationship. The process of collective bargaining opens the room for negotiation between employers’ representatives and the union comprising of employees, in the aim of regulating employment where they reach an agreement which is, therefore, applied to employees equitably. This tool is mostly used by unions in pr otecting or improving their members’ interests. Therefore, involvement of collective bargaining and power sharing between the two parties has a considerable impact in that it improves the employment relationship and fosters organizational performance (Daniels, 2006: 43). The Trade Union and Labour Relations Act governs both permanent and casual workers who have a common interest in regulating their relationship with the employers. Functions of trade union are broad in terms of job regulation, power, social change, economic regulation, self fulfilment and member services. At times, some trade unions have affiliated with some representative bodies, for instance, the UK Trade Union Congress which depicts itself as the voice of all workers in Britain. It helps members to lobby the government concerning various issues, which include, union, economic and employment Unions have the mandate to challenge managerial rights by restricting employees from supplying labour to their employe rs through the organisation of industrial action (Stephen, 2007: 45). Unions have not only a face of monopolising labour supply to the management, but also a voice for their members. In their operation as a collective voice, they spot employees’ concerns and efficiently convey them to the employer. This enables the management to better treat the employees without having to incur transaction costs. It also impacts an individual employee by overcoming the incentive problem that would cost them by conveying their grievances to management in the absence of the union particularly when the benefit accrues to all workers, for example, public goods like safety and health. In such cases, the employees do not tackle the problems facing them; instead they let them foster and find it more convenient to quit their jobs and go in search for another one elsewhere (Rose, 2008: 38). Unions, therefore, are considered to offer a valuable service to both the management and the employees by colle cting all employees’ concerns and passing them on to the employer. This, in most cases, leads to faster and better decision making by the management, which solves employees’ requirements better than in the absence of the union. Effectiveness of a union is gauged by its capability of achieving set goals in serving members through workplace representation and